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Name:Erica Lynn "Ricki" Stewart
Birthdate:Sep 5

- rick van dyke -

Ericka Lynn Stewart, or "Ricki," as she's been known practically since birth, is the middle child of the Stewart family. Georgette and Winston Stewart welcomed identical twin girls, first born Summer and second born Erica, followed four years later by a son, Parker. Georgette and Winston were high school sweethearts, both growing up in their home town of Denver, Colorado, and both sharing a love of skiing, snowboarding and ice skating, making the most of the cold climate. Georgette was an ice hockey commentator and Winston a sports physiotherapist. Sport was very much in the family's blood, so it was a natural progression for two out of their three children to share that passion. Ricki went on to become a sports journalist and Parker, who had a love for ice skating since he was old enough to get balance on skates, went on to become a Winter Olympic Gold Medallist at the age of 24 at the Sochi, Russia Winter Olympics.

When sister, Summer, went to UCLA to study medicine, Ricki went right along with her twin, majoring in communications. When they graduated, Ricki having gotten a masters in journalism, the pair moved together to New York, where Ricki is a sports journalist working for Sports Illustrated, a gig she got after friend and hockey player, Kyle Peterson gave her the exclusive rights to the press release for his engagement to dancer Logan Hayes, and Summer is a neurologist at Mt. Sinai Hospital.

While both Summer and Parker married young, Summer's marriage eventually breaking down, but Parker's still going strong, Ricki was the free-spirited one of the siblings. She came out as a lesbian just before graduating high school, and managed to go through quite the string of lovers along the way. She was never really interested in being seriously committed to anyone, not because of any serious background reasons, but because she just really liked sex and women, and assumed that settling down meant she would eventually get bored.

In recent days, though, she met and hooked up with fellow journalist, Jazz Lawson at a charity event where Jazz was covering the fashion and Ricki was covering the sports stars' appearances. After the event, Ricki asked Jazz out for drinks, and the pair ended up hooking up in some hot and heavy sex after the fact. For whatever reason, though she tends to keep things moving, Ricki has a sort of FWB arrangement with Jazz, and the pair regularly hook up... But what has Ricki a bit freaked out? Is the fact that she thinks she might be developing some serious feelings for Jazz... something she hasn't admitted to anyone... including Jazz... just yet.

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